A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Savle is an experimental tiny text-based game with file system interactions. It is based on the idea of disk space, that we have to manage. You will be playing an employee of Savle and will have to delete files (in real Windows/Mac/Linux file system) to free up space in customers disks.

Ludum Dare submission

Warning : This game is made with a Shell (Bash) script. So the program can technically do what we want, including deleting files from your computer. But I testify on the honor that I never used "rm" (remove) function and even writing function. I guarantee that I only used read functions that are working only in the game folder. I also did not use any online function.
You can see all of that by editing the script, but if you do so before playing the game, you will be spoiled. If you play the game, and understand Bash, it could be cool to write a comment saying "I understood the code, and I can garantee that it does not contain any malware" (for other people who don't understand the code).
Thanks! :)
The game files weigh +600Mo and that's normal.
I did the game in Compo settings but have to use pictures, videos and music made earlier.
All the files are self made, excepting the music files.

License : CC-BY-SA
Thanks for your understanding.  :)


Game and source code

Install instructions

To play the game, launch the script "Savle.sh"!

If you don't how to do so, search for "how to launch bash script" or "how to launch shell script", or follow the instructions below :

1) Try double clicking on it (?)
2) Launch the Terminal or Cmd
3) Go to the Savle directory (by typing something like "cd Downloads/Savle")
4) Write "./Savle.sh" or "bash Savle.sh" and hit Enter

Error "sleep: invalid time interval '0.5' or a lot of "??" appears : use "Savle-lite.sh"!

It was running good on my Windows but you may need to install http://www.cygwin.com/ or Git (with sh.exe), or something else, if you can't launch the game.

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